State-of-the-art Ambulances at the hospital, equipped to handle most complex emergencies are available to our patients 24 hrs of the day and night. These ambulances carry, as standard equipment, a ventilator, a Defibrillator, Oxygen and all the other life saving drugs. Staff managing these ambulances is well trained in managing emergencies in their respective fields.

ICU Unit

Intensive care unit, as the phrase connotes is about the round the clock patient care of the highest level. managed by super specialists specially trained to meet requirements of critically ill patients.

Intensive Care is a multi disciplinary and multiprofessional medical/nursing field concerned with patients who have sustained or are at risk of sustaining acutely life-threatening single or multi organ system failure due to disease or injury. These conditions necessitate prolonged minute-to-minute therapy or observation in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) which is capable of providing a high level of intensive therapy in terms of quality and immediacy.

The ICU at Vighnahar is highly effective with the latest in technology, therapeutic capabilities, and personnel that are determined by the types of patients treated in the units. It is a comprehensive and multisystem critical care unit with an intensivist available to the unit at all times. The nurse-patient ratio is 1:1 or greater depending on the severity of the patient’s conditions.

Dialysis Unit

Main objective of is purification of blood and removal of excess of waste products and fluids by means of artificial kidney is known as hemodialysis.

Currently the department has three machines inclusive of Isolation Units. The department functions 24 hours round the clock in order to assure seamless service delivery.

State-of-the-art dialysis stations imported from Fresenius France with both hi-flux & low flux transfusion compatibility, advanced round-the-clock renal service for all age groups.

We have one of the best Reverse Osmosis water treatment plants for ultra pure water is one of the unique features in the dialysis unit.


Trauma Care

Ortho Pedic

Operation Theatre